Hag Torch
Hag Torch

Hag Torch

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These torches are made from stalks of mullen dipped in a beeswax blend and then rolled in mugwort, rose and chamomile.

They are perfect for around the firepit, they also do particularly well when the end is stuck in the ground or the snow, they would be sutable for any outdoor gathering.

Because of the use of dried flowers on the outside these are for outdoor use only and always under supervision, you can't walk away from these like a candle. They are full on torches to be burned in ritual and to call in good spirits.

Burn time is roughly 40 minutes.

To use them snip or melt the top to expose and light the mullen stalk.

Materials: mullien, beeswax, soy wax, rosebuds, chamomile and mugwort.

This listing is for one torch.