Pentagram Willow Wreath 10"

Pentagram Willow Wreath 10"

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Protective charms, woven with magick to adourn your sacred space. Pentagram wreaths are bound to invite protective magic to your home and hearth while banishing bad energy.

Your door is the portal to your sacred space and by adorning it with sweet reminders and powerful talisman you can invoke good spirits while simultaneously repelling negativity.

These pentagram wreaths are made from willow branches for protecting our most sacred spaces. Willow is used extensively in magic from divining rods to broom making and healing magic.

Each wreath is decorated by hand with thoughtful dried flowers and crystals. This one features Hydrangea the hex breaker and Thistle to create boundaries and protection. It is then adorned with quartz to amplify your intentions.

A perfect addition when cleaning, cleansing and setting new intentions.

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